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Auto Starter Motor Recycling Machine Videos

We have many auto starter motor recycling machine working videos: from our customers or testing for your reference.

Video Description

This scrap car starter heating machine is running for our Poland customer. It can quickly melt the insulating film of car starter and help you pull the copper coil out.

What Is A Car Starter Used For?

Usually, the starters are in these vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and so on.
Car starters play a vital role in modern transportation, almost all vehicles powered by internal combustion engines require a starter to initiate engine ignition.
car starter rotor

Copper exists in the car starter rotor. And there is an insulating film on the car starter rotor inside, which makes it more difficult to recycle. So 3T/BSGH designed professional machines for recycling scrap car starter motor rotor.

Auto Starter Motor Recycling Machine Manufacturer in China

Auto starter motor recycling machine is specialized for recycling all kinds of starters from scrap car motors, If you want to recycle scrap car starters, you will need 4 machines to cooperate together, please check below.

Auto Starter Rotor Cuttig Machine

  • Power: 3KW
  • 350PCS/H
  • USD2299

Hydraulic Scrap Metal Wrecker Machines

  • Power: 3KW
  • 300PCS/H
  • USD1900

Car Starter Heating Machine

  • Power: 85KW/65KW
  • 350PCS/H
  • USD6900

Auto Starter Motor Pulling Machine

  • Power: 4KW
  • 350PCS/H
  • USD6900

How To Recycle Scrap Car Starter?

For recycling scrap auto starters, there need 4 steps, via auto starter rotor cutting, pressing, heating and pulling, then can be recycled. Compared with traditional methods that are time-consuming and labor-intensive, the invention of auto starter motor recycling machine provides a perfect solution for the disposal of old car starter motors.

With our expert technicians and market research, we offer personalized guidance to help you stay ahead and lead in the industry.


Step 1: Cut Rotor 

The first step of recycling scrap car starters is to cut the rotor, this step will make it easier to pull the copper winding out.


Step 2: Pressing

Hydraulic scrap metal wrecker machines use pressure to crush the scrap car starter rotor, making it easier to recycle afterward.


Step 3: Heating

Heating prevents the copper windings from sticking to motor’s silicon steel and also softens the materials, this allows easily separate and recycle the valuable copper.


Step 4: Pull out

Put the car starter rotor on car starter puller machine, this is the last step, copper winding wire will be pulled out easily.

Why you need us?

 We are the only manufacturer dedicated solely to automotive starter motor recycling machines, ensuring unparalleled expertise in this niche.

Our machines work seamlessly together, from cutting and pressing to heating and pulling, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free recycling process.

Our recycling machine incorporates patented technology, providing a competitive edge and guaranteeing exceptional performance.

By choosing our auto starter motor recycling machine, you not only save more time but also gain economic benefits. We look forward to collaborating with you to drive sustainable development.

What can we provide you?

professional service

3T has a highly skilled and experienced R&D team, consisting of engineers, marketing experts and other professionals. They possess a profound understanding of the latest market trends and technologies. We always put customer needs and satisfaction first, are committed to providing customers with high-quality and comprehensive services to ensure the best purchasing experience.

Unique Competitive Advantages

3T stands as the sole manufacturer with a complete set of automotive starter motor recycling machines. Our machines boast diverse functionalities, enabling recycling of various types of automotive starter motors. Furthermore, providing customers with an economically efficient solution, all copper wire be 100% recycled.

Customization for Customers

3T has always been dedicated to providing the best solutions for car starter recycling.We can customize our machines according to your specific recycling process requirements or demands for different scales and capacities. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to each of our clients.

Quality and Reliability

Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, our machines undergo strict quality control. It has been repeatedly debugged and improved to ensure high efficiency, stability and longer life during long-term use.

Except car starter motor recycling machine, we also provide all kinds of motor recycling machine, such as normal motor recycling machine, compressor recycling machine, transformer recycling machine, car alternator recycling machine, and so on. We have a wide range of motor recycling machines available for whatever you need.

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By choose us, you will not only get a high quality starter motor recycling machine, but also obtain more professional guidance about copper motor recyling. These are some customers’ good feedbacks about our machines. We’d also love to received your remarks about our machine.

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