BSM-60 Electric Motor Stripping Machine


BSM-60 Electric Motor Stripping Machine

Advantages of BMS-60 motor pulling machine:

  1. 2023 advanced technology Electric Motor Stripping Machine BSM-60 greatly improves efficiency.
  2. No need to adjust for different stator size.
  3. The compact design is very convenient for both individuals and factories.
  4. Equipped with a hydraulic fixture, which automatically clamps the stator to suitable different sizes, making it faster and easier to operate.

Video Description

High-efficiency Electric Motor Stripping Machine is testing for our client.

  • German
  • BSM-60 + BSM-50
  • Bought in 2023


Our customer want a high-automation machine, it’s too trouble adjust baffle frequently, so we recommend BSM-60 to him.  The baffle of BSM-60 will automatically clamp the stators according to the diameter of the motor stator, and then pull out the copper winding, which make it convenient for customer to recycle the copper. Our customer recycle scrap motors by himself, he said this machine saved his time and labor a lot.

Electric Motor Stripping Machine Factory

BSM-60 electric motor stripping machine is equipped with a hydraulic stator copper cutting system and a hydraulic stator copper pulling system. The machine can handle waste motor diameters ranging from 40mm to 120mm automaticly, including motors from air conditioners, water pumps, industrial motors, etc.

Machine Specifications

This model is more convenient compared to other electric motor recycling machines, this model is the only one on the market that does not require adjusting the baffle according to the stator diameter, most of our motor recycling machines are unique on the market.

Model BSM-60 Motor Wrecker
Process Range 40-120MM
Power 4KW
Machine Size L1370*W1040*H1460MM
Machine Weight 508KG
Voltage 380V50HZ or customized

Machine Structures

There are three important components: the hydraulic motor stator copper cutting system and the hydraulic stator copper pulling system and the hydraulic baffle system.


Cutting System:

Equipped with a robust hydraulic structure and reinforced blades for superior performance and extended lifespan.


Pulling System:

This Electric Motor Stripping Machine also adopt 8 claws to pull out the entire copper winding of the motor stator.



The baffle can automatically and firmly grasp the stator based on its diameter. No need to change the baffle when processing stator diameters ranging from 40mm to 120mm.

Operating Steps


First, cut off one end of the motor stator copper winding through cutter.


Second, put the copper stator into the baffle, and the baffle will automatically clamp the motor stator.


Finally, the claw grabs one end of the copper winding and pulls out the entire copper winding.  

Machine Operating Process

Good Feedback from BSGH Customers


I’m seriously impressed. This machine is worth every penny.

BSM-60 motor recycling machine

I really enjoy using the machine and have already purchased two. Highly satisfied!

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