Auto Starter Rotor Cutting Machine


Auto Starter Rotor Cutting Machine

  1. As the leading manufacturer in the auto starter recycling market, 3T has unique advanced technology, ensuring machines’ reliable performance.
  2. 3T manufacturer factory direct sales.
  3. High-quality pure copper motor and hydraulic system, this equipment is easy to operate and has enough power to cut the waste car starter stator.

Video Description

Auto Starter Rotor Cutting Machine is testing for our India customer now!

  • Place: India
  • Time: 3 years ago
  • Big metal scrap recycling company
  • Have many quantity scrap car motors
  • Bought: Common electric motor wrecker and 2 sets of whole recycling machines for car generator and car starter motors recycling, have repeat order after several months.

Our customer is looking for a highly-efficient starter motor recycling machine. He learned we have professional machines to do this after we sent this video to him and provided free consultation, then quickly he bought this machine.

auto starter rotor cutting machine Wholesale

The car starter cutting machine is specifically designed for cutting rotors to recycle copper from car starter motors, It enables you to quickly cut off the copper head of one end copper winding of the car starter rotor, which can greatly improve your efficiency.

Machine Technical Data

Car starter rotor cutting machine is the first step for processing car starter motors; for complete recycling of car starter motors, also need other 3 machines: car starter pressing machine, car starter heating machine and auto starter motor pulling machine.

Model Auto Starter Rotor Cutting Machine Car Starter Heating Machine auto starter motor pulling machine
Processing effiency more than 350/H more than 350/H more than 350/H
Size 800*800*1550MM 1200*1200*1350MM 1400*1100*1700MM
Weight 200KG 236KG 460KG
Package dimensions 900*900*1650MM 1300*1300*1450MM 1500*1200*1800MM
Weight after package 230KG 270KG 500KG
Power 3KW 85KW 4KW

Raw Material

(Our car starter-cutting machine is specifically designed to process all kinds of scrap car starter rotors.)
car starter rotor
scrap car starter

Working Process of auto starter rotor cutting machine

  1. Place the used car starter rotor on the starter cutting machine.
  2. Control the blade to cut one end of car starter rotor, and ensure that the car starter rotor is completely cut.

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Car Starter Pulling Machine

To recycle the car starter, follow these steps:
First, cut one end of the copper winding of the starter rotor.
Next, pressing the car starter copper head.
Third, use the heating machine to softening car rotors.
Finally, the car starter wire pulling machine pulls all the copper winding out.


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