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3T is a premier manufacturer and supplier of electric motor wrecker recycling machines from China, here you can get one-stop recycling solutions for all your scrap electric motors. We have many different models of scrap motor recycling machines, choose 3T and turn your scrap electric motors into cash.


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Types of Electric Motor Wrecker Machine For Sale

Scrap electric motor wrecker machine is mainly designed for recycling copper windings through different processing functions cutting, pulling, or crushing to get copper wires from all kinds of electric motors. Electric motor scrap is classified into more than 10 types, such as car alternator motors, auto starter motors, ceiling fan motors and so on. For each type of motor, we have a specialized machine for recycling, some types of motors require one single machine processing, and some types of motors need several machines, details as below:

electric motor wrecker machine

This series machine is mainly for processing all kinds of normal electric motor scrap, from motor shell to motor stator and motor rotors.

Cutting Motor Shell | Process Motor Stator | Motor Shaft

Motor Recycling Plant: This series machine is for shredding, crushing and separating copper from electric motors scrap.

Motor Stator Recycling Line | Motor Rotor Recycling Line | Whole Motor Recycling Plant

This series machine is mainly for recycling all kinds of scrap car starter motors from scrap cars. 

Auto Starter Cutting | Auto Starter Pressing | Car Starter Heating | Car Starter Pulling Machine

Car alternator recycling machine is mainly for recycling all kinds of scrap car alternator motors from scrap cars. 

Car Alternator Cutting Machine | Car Alternator Pulling Machine

The series machine is mainly for recycling all kinds of small transformers from all kinds of appliance.

For Small Transformer Recycling

The series machine is mainly for recycling all kinds of compressors from air conditioners, refrigerators or water pumps.

Compressor Shell Cutting Machine | Compressor Stator Recycling

Magnetic Switch Recycling Machine

This machine is only designed for recycling magnetic switches from car starters.

For All Kinds of Car Magnetic Switch

Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Recycling Machine

E-Bike rear wheel hub motor recycling machine is recycling hub motors from electric bikes.

Electric Bike Hub Motors Cutting | E-bike Hub Motor Pulling

hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic press machine is a multifunction machine, not only process motors but also can deal with many other small items.

Mainly for Press All Kinds of Motor Parts | Support Customized | Multifunction

This machine is mainly for recycling ceiling fan motors.

Ceiling Fan Motor Cutting | Manual Taking

Scrap Electric Motor Wrecker Equipment Original Factory

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer in China specializing in recycling machines for used motors.

What sets us apart is our unique position as the sole global provider of a comprehensive range of recycling machines for all types of discarded motors. As the original source manufacturer, we guarantee both variety and affordability without compromising on quality, to ensure superior standards, we have established an in-house motor recycling facility at our factory. Every new machine have rigorous testing in our facility before reaching the market. Choose us for unparalleled expertise and top-tier motor recycling solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Motor Wrecker

In order to recycling electric motors, 3T classified these motors more than 10type, every types has it’s features and 3T customized different machine to process. Most of motors types in the market can use our machine to recycling, for special motors kinds, you can contact us to customized your solutions, Please whatsapp /wechat :+86 13772508206.

3T sells the most comprehensive scrap electric motor wrecker recycling machine in the world, offering over 10 types of motor wreckers across 70+ machines for recycling ordinary motors, compressors, transformers, car generators, etc.

Certainly, our large scrap motor recycling production line is suitable for all types of motors. Through automatic crushing and separation, you can obtain the desired pure metal granules. However, the equipment has a larger size. If you are constrained by limited space and budget, integrated machines of special type is better for you.

Yes, the 3T electric Motor Wrecker is multifunctional and capable of handling both single-phase and three-phase motors. By the way, we can customize machine based on your need,feel free to contact us.

Absolutely. Electric Motor wrecker is designed for valuable metals and non-metal materials, not just copper. For instance, Ordinary motor wrecker machines can separate both copper and steel. Motor recycling line can recycle any valuable materials like copper, aluminum, steel and plastic,etc.

No. The machine is easy to operate; by simply watching the video can grasp the working steps. While specialized training isn’t necessary, but we still provide comprehensive user manuals and online support to ensure smooth operation.

Yes, 3T electric motor wrecker comes with warranty that covers manufacturing defects. All our machines provide a 12-month warranty. If any main components are damaged within this year due to non-human causes, we will replace them for free.

Certainly, our specialized technical support staff is ready to help with any questions or problems that might come up post-purchase. We also provide continuous online support, with our expert team available 24/7 online assistance to quickly and skillfully solve any challenges you might face.

Yes, all of our machines go through rigorous testing before deliver. Our testing process involves comprehensive checks of various components, functions and operational parameters. This helps identify potential issues and ensure the machine functions as intended.

We can customized the more bigger electric motor wrecker machines for you. Please whatsapp /wechat :+86 13772508206 for more details


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