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Find Your Electric Motor Recycling Machines From Us

Our electric motor recycling machines are in hot sales very much, many are sole in the world, each of our machines has many years of market experience, choose your different scrap electric motor recycling machine for your different type of motors, for more, you can consult our 3T products page. 

Electric Motor Recycling Machine

BSM-40 motor cutting and pulling machine

Electric motor recycling machine mainly aims for normal electric motor recycling, multichoice and complete types.

  • More than 30+ types for electric motors
  • Brand: 3T/BSGH
  • Application: normal electric motors
  • Price: about usd3900~usd9850

Ceiling Fan Motor Recycling Machine

Fan motor recycling machine is mainly recycle motor stators from ceiling fan, simple operation and high efficiency.

  • Single machine can complete whole process
  • Price: USD3999~USD5999

Transformer Recycling Machine

scrap transformer recycling machine

This machine can recycle all kinds of small transformer, intergrated cutting and pulling in one machine, convenient for use.

  • One single machine
  • Brand: 3T/BSGH
  • Function: cutting and pulling
  • Price: USD3999

Compressor Recycling Machine

compressor case recycling

Compressor recycling is recycle all kinds of compressor from air conditioiner, refrigerator and submersible pump.

  • Specially designed for all kinds of compressor motor case cutting, one machine can’t complete the whole process.
  • Price: USD5999~USD7999

Car Alternator Recycling Machine

car alternator recycling

Recycling car alternators is profitable, 3T/BSGH recycling machine can help you recycle scrap alternators easily.

  • More than 5models for car alternators
  • Brand: 3T/BSGH
  • Application: all kinds of car alternators
  • Price: USD3900~USD7900

Auto Starter Recycling Machine

car-starter-puller machine

Car starter recycling machine is mainly for recycle scrap starters from all kinds of cars, special design and high recycling rate.

  • More than 10 models for car starters
  • Brand: 3T/BSGH
  • Application: scrap car starters
  • Price: usd2900~usd12999

The Project of Electric Motor Recycling Machines We Work With

UAE motor wrecker

UAE Customer

Customer: A well-known UAE company
Desired: need to find a reliable partner to help them solve scrap motor recycling problem of low production capacity. After extensive market research they found 3T, a reputed global manufacturer of copper recycling machinery.
We showed advanced large-scale production line for recycling compressors and other motors with a production capacity more than 20 tons per day. After visiting 3T's production plant and communicating with the engineering team, the UAE factory had a deep trust in 3T, purchased our products and asked for long-term cooperation. Thanks to our customer trust.

thailand electric motor recycling machinethailand electric motor recycling machine

Thailand Customer

Customer: Thailand International Copper Recycling Group
Desired: In order to meet the growing market demand, Thailand International Copper Recycling Company investigated several suppliers and purchased copper rice machine and radiator production lines from 3T and France MTB. Due to the successful application of 3T's equipment, Thailand International Copper Recycling Company decided to expand the scope of cooperation with 3T and purchased 3T's motor recycling production line. Thailand International Copper Recycling Company believes that through in-depth cooperation with 3T, they will be able to improve the efficiency and quality of waste motor recycling.

canada electric motor recycling machine

Canada Customer

Customer: Reputable scrap motor recycling company in Canada
Desired: They have all kinds of scrap motor, such as normal electric motors, car motors, compressor and so on, also have big motors need to process. At the beginning, they are also headache about how to process it, because directly sell is lost much profit, they always thinking method to deal with it, they ever try small electric motor wrecker before, just like other big company, too slow and much labor costs; several years ago, they see our live video in youtube for india customer, we begin negotiate, after several months talk and all machine details negotiation, we deal at last, now they still use our machine to process all kinds of scrap motors, take great profit for him.

Estonia electric motor recycling machine

Estonia Customer

Customer: Estonia motor recycling factory
Desired: looking for an efficient and reliable motor wrecker recycling machine. Based on the good reputation of 3T Company and previous cooperation experience, they purchased a big motor recycling line from us. Two months ago, our customer provided good feedback to 3T Company, saying that due to the high efficiency and precise recycling capabilities, efficiency of their factory has been greatly improved, and the income has also increased significantly, but they still think it's too slow with small motor wrecker machine, therefore, they decided to purchase a big electric motor recycling production line from BSGH to further improve plant revenue and expand recycling scale. This transaction not only proves the high quality and reliability of 3T's products, but also consolidates the long-term cooperation between us.

Hot Selling Electric Motor Recycling Machines

Here are some hot-selling models for your reference, 3T motor recycling machine is mainly for recycling all kinds of scrap electric motors, breaking motor shell cutting motor stator and pulling copper windings out. Own more than 10 types of motor recycling machines, you must can find one fit for you.

BSM-40 Electric Motor Recycler

  • 1 Cutting part + 3 pulling
  • Stator size under 180MM
  • Pulling: stator size under 500MM

BSM-30 Motor Cutting Machine

  • Single pulling function
  • One lifts
  • Motor size under 500MM

BSM-20 Electric Motor Recycling Machine

  • 1 cutting + 2 pulling
  • Stator size under 180MM

ST-400 Motor Stator Cutting and Pulling Machine

  • 1 Cutter + 1 puller
  • Stator size under 250MM
  • 5.5KW

BSM-50 Electric Motor Cutting Machine

  • 1 Cutter  
  • Assemble one sharp blades and one falt blades
  • 7.5KW

BSM-60 Electric Motor Stripping Machine

  • 1 Cutter + 1 Puller
  • No need to adjust baffle when processing different size stator

As a leading manufacturer of electric motor recycling machines, we have the best technology and the most comprehensive product line to provide solutions for all types of your electric motors. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the the world. With our advanced technology, comprehensive support, and dedicated team of professionals, we are your trusted choice for electric motor recycling.

Because there are many types of waste motors in various shapes and sizes:

  • For big processing needs customers, dealing with them one by one is difficult, so you can choose 3T electric motor recycling plant.
  • For small demands customer or personal use, you can choose small single motor wrecker recycling machines.

About 3T

Best Electric Motor Recycling Solutions Provider in China;

Most Comprehensive Range of Electric Motor Wrecker Machines Available in the World!

As a leading manufacturer of electric motor recycling machines, we have the best technology and the most comprehensive product line to provide solutions for all types of your electric motors. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the the world. With our advanced technology, comprehensive support, and dedicated team of professionals, we are your trusted choice for electric motor recycling.

Usually, a professional electric motor recycling machine recycle motors in the following steps, while a recycling production line recycles them by crushing, air separation and vibration separation. Here is the detailed working process of a electric motor recycling machine.

  • First is to remove the motor case;
  • Second step is recycling stators(cutting from one end of the copper winding wire or middle); 
  • Third is to pull the copper winding wire out from silicon steel.

Regular Process

cut the motor shell

Disassemble The Case

cut the motor stator

Cut The Motor Stator

pull the copper winding out

Pull Out The Copper Winding

What Our Customers Say

Actually, there’s many good feedback from our customers, but due to limit space, only several can show here, if you want to see more, please contact us.

Purchased: Car Starter Recycling


“I can’t say enough good things about the motor recycling machine I bought. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. The machine’s advanced technology and innovative design make motor recycling a breeze. It’s also built to last, ensuring long-term durability and cost-effectiveness. I’m thrilled with my purchase.”

Purchased: Car Alternator Recycling Rachine


“I have received my electric motor recycling machine, it is working now, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. Thank you for your guide helps me to operate this motor recycling machine. I highly recommend it to anyone in the industry, thank you a lot.”

Purchased: Motor Cutting And Pulling Machine


“I cannot recommend the 3T motor recycling machine highly enough.  When the machine arrived at my workstation, I did a test and the quality is good like what they said. I can do my motor recycling business with this scrap motor cutting and pulling machine now. If you’re serous about recycling, this machine is better for you.”

Purchased: Scrap Motor Stator Recycling Line


“The motor recyling line I purchased has been my best parter for my business. You know I have lots of scrap motor need to process and I want  to save the cost. But now, It has reduced my time and labor to recycle motors, and helps me handle larger volumes with easy. It’s a valuable asset for any recycling operation.”

Purchased: Electric Motor Recycling Machine BSM-40


“I’m incredibly impressed with the electric motor wrecker I bought from BSGH. I’m an environmentalist, this motor recycler machine has the best performance on motor recycling and environmental protection. This machine’s recycling process is clean and eco-friendly, easy to operate. It’s a great investment for both business and the planet.”

Purchased: Ceiling Fan Cutting Machine


“I highly recommend this ceiling fan cutting machine I purchased. It has revolutionized the way I handle motor recycling. With its high-speed processing capabilities and precision engineering, I’ve been able to achieve exceptional results. The machine’s low energy consumption that make it is a top choice in the market.”

3T Electric Motor Recycling Machine Help You Go Further

How to recycle electric motor?

Scrap motors contain valuable metals like copper, aluminum, and rare earth elements. Recycling electric motors allow for the extraction and recovery of these precious resources, which can be reused in various industries, reducing the reliance on mining and preserving natural resources. We all know recycling copper from motors can make a lot of profits, but how do we get copper from scrap motors? 

Ways Help You Recycle Electric Motors

3T electric motor recycling machine is professional equipment for recycling scrap motors. Compared to traditional hand made dismantling, the electric automatic recycling machine is more efficient and safer. 

And if you have a large quantity of motors to recycle, our production plant is the optimal choice for you.

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