BSM-10 Electric Motor Scrapping Machine


BSM-10 Electric Motor Scrapping Machine

  1. BSM-10 electric motor scrapping machine is an integrated machine that combines both the cutting and pulling parts in one machine, making motor recycling extremely convenient.
  2. Equipped with 1 cutting part and 3 pulling parts to fit different size scrap motors.
  3. This machine is equipped with a lifter that can help you move big motors to up and down.
  4. This model is our earliest one, now BSM-40 already instead it.

Video Description

Our BSM-10 Electric Motor Scrapping Machine is running well in customer’s factory!

  • Repeated orders

Our customer bought 3 sets of our electric motor scrapping machine last year. He bought a copper stripping machine 3 years ago, satisfied with the performance of the machine, so he bought our machine again with his recycling business expanding.

Electric Motor Scrapping Machine for Sale

BSM-10 is a highly efficient and multifunctional scrap electric motor wrecker machine designed to accommodate various diameters of scrap motor stators. It can help you easily cut the scrap motor stators and extract the copper windings in one machine. BSM-40 is on the basis of this model, updated one, now we recommend customer to choose BSM-40, better performance and speed.

Machine Data

Model BSM-10 Electric Motor Wrecker BSM-40 Electric Motor Recyclers
Power 5.5KW 7.5KW
Machine Weight 750KG 670KG
Range Stator Diameter 50-500MM Stator Diameter 50-500MM
Machine Size 2400*1100*1300MM 1940*1430*1150MM

BSM-10 electric scrapping machine is similar to BSM-40 electric motor recyclers, they all have 1 cutting blade and 3 pulling parts, processing range are also same. The difference is the structure and the operation of whole machine. You can check BSM-40 electric motor recyclers page.

Raw Material

BSM-10 scrap motor cutting and pulling machine can process scrap motor stators with a diameter range of 50 to 500mm.

scrap motor
scrap copper motor
motor scrap

Electric Motor Scrapping Machine Working principle

This machine consists of one cutter machine, three puller machines, and a lifter. The pictures below will provide you with the details of the machine.

structure of BSM-10 motor wrecker

How do these parts work during recycling? Please check out the video.

  1. Put the scrap motor stator on the cutting part, then rotate it to make sure the motor is fully cut. 
  2. Choose a suitable pulling part according to your motor stator diameter. Then, the powerful puller will separate the complete copper winding for you. If your motor stator is too big and heavy, use a lifter to help you convey it more easily.


Check the electrical box

Make sure the electrical box  is dry and clean.

Check the electrical box

Please ensure that there are no flammable materials around the machine.

Regularly add lubricant

Remember to regularly apply lubricant to the cutter and the running racks of the claws.

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