Compressor Cutting Machine for Sale


Compressor Cutting Machine for Sale

  1. Assemble with 4 high-quality blades and a rotary platform, automatically remove high-hardness compressor cases in about 2 minutes, Professional in cutting compressor cases.
  2. Quality assurance. Produced by the leading recycling machine manufacturer BSGH, you don’t need to worry about the machine’s quality. 
  3. Suitable most of compressor in the market.

Video Description

Compressor shell cutting machine BSCC with orange color is trial running for our Saudi Arabia client.

  • Machine Model: BSCC Compressor Cutting Machine
  • Machine Voltage And Frequency: 380V 60Hz
  • Motor Power: 6.2KW
  • Machine Weight: 820KG
  • Application: Removing the motor shell

You can see from video compressor cutting machine BSCC is often used to cut the compressor and remove the motor shell. After removing motor shell, then you can choose proper models motor recycling machine to recycle compressor stators.

durable compressor cutting machine wholesale

BSCC compressor cutting machine is for cutting scrap compressor cases or shells. This innovative equipment is ideal for recycling scrap compressors from refrigerators or air conditioners. With automatic process, the machine significantly improve efficiency, reduces labor costs and creates profitable opportunities for your business.

Compressor Cutting Machine Data

Model Compressor Shell Cutting Machine Best Partner: BSC Electric Motor Dismantling Machine
Process Range Compressor length over 15CM
Compressor outer diameter from 12 to 26CM
Stator inner diameter over 4CM
Outer wire package diameter less than 12.5CM
Machine Size 1930*880*1380MM 840*1100*850MM
Machine Weight 820KG 265KG
Machine Power 6.2KW 3KW
Machine Voltage Support Customization 220V/380/415/440V, 50HZ/60HZ 3Phase

Raw Material And Final Product:

Scrap Compressor

Scrap Compressor Stator

Structure and Working Process

Our BSCC compressor case cutting machine has 4pcs blades and a rotary platform.

  1. Fix scrap compressor with the case on the rotary platform;
  2. Rotate the compressor to enable the four blades to connect and cuting the case;
  3. After the case is totally cut off, turn off the machine. The compressor stator with copper winding is now exposed.

Why Suggest Compressor Cutting Machine?


BSCC can help you get a compressor stator easily, it just takes you about 2 minutes to remove a compressor case.

Labor- Saving

Compressor case is high hardness and not easy to recycle, but BSCC has changed this situation, just one person can remove many compressor cases in a short time with this machine.


Compare with manual processing or chisel, to use machine process is more safe and higher efficiency.

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