Electric Bike Rear Hub Motor Cutting Machine


Electric Bike Rear Hub Motor Cutting Machine

  1. The machine is equipped with a cutting blade, sliding wheel and handle, making it easier to operate and safer than manual disassembly.
  2. Adopting unique technology, the machine’s performance is superior. 
  3. The pure copper motor supplies sufficient power to cut the scrap electric bike rear wheel motor with high efficiency.

Video Description

The video shows the electric bike rear hub motor cutting machine working process for our customer.

Our customer mainly recycles copper from the electric bike rear wheel by manual dismantling before. This method is time-consuming and low-efficiency. But our machine has a good performance on electric bike rear motor cutting, our customer wants to buy it to improve his work efficiency and economic benefit. We sent the video to him and he bought our machine, it has done a good job until now!


electric bike rear hub motor cutting machine

The 3T electric vehicle rear wheel motor cutting machine is a specialized device designed for cutting electric rear bike wheel motors and separating copper windings from them. This machine is usually used in conjunction with a wire pulling machine to ensure smooth recycling and high process efficiency.

Machine Data

Model Electric Bike Rear Wheel Cutting Machine Best Partner:Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Pulling Machine
power 3KW 4KW
Machine Size 980*850*940MM 1800*980*1160MM
Machine Weight 170KG 405KG
Processing Capacity 300PCS/H 300PCS/H

Raw Material

Our electric bike rear hub motor cutting machine can easily cutting all types of electric bike rear wheels motors. Below are some pictures:

Machine Structure and Working Process

3T electric bike rear hub motor cutting machine main function is to use a high-speed rotating blade to cut the electric bicycle rear wheel motors.

More details, please check the video!

How does an electric bike rear wheel cutting machine work?

  1.  Fix the scrap motor on the pulling shaft.
  2. Turn on the machine, the motor will drive the blade to rotate, then control the handle close to the blade.
  3. Upon contact, a rapidly spinning motor will be cut in half to achieve the purpose of severing the copper winding wires.

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