Car Alternator Pulling Machine


Car Alternator Pulling Machine

  1. The most advanced technology ensures good performance.
  2. This design is the best among different methods, its user-friendly operation significantly enhances efficiency.
  3. The pulling parts of the auto starter motor pulling machine are completely different with other pulling.

Video Description

Our customer feedback video! Our car alternator pulling machine is processing well in customer’s shop.

  • Customer in Canada: customer has a car alternator recycling factory, he wants to improve his work efficiency and there are 30 workers in his factory.
  • Time: 2 years ago
  • So we suggested him to buy our car alternator pulling machine and it’s best partner car alternator cutting machine.

Two workers operate two machines, which can make the work more efficient. He bought 2 sets and was very satisfied with our machines, so he gave us the feedback video to show their good job!

leading car alternator pulling machine Supplier

The car generator pulling machine is for pulling the copper winding out from the car alternator stator. It is usually used in conjunction with the car generator cutter, as one end of the car generator motor copper winding needs to be cut in advance; there’s also have integrated machine for car generator recycling.

Technical Data

Model Car Alternator Pulling Machine Car Alternator Cutting Machine Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine
Powder 4KW 3KW 5.5KW
Weight 220KG 200KG 334KG
Size L1100*W770*H1000MM L1130*W800*H900MM L1170*W980*H1090MM
Votage 3 Phase Voltage 3 Phase Voltage Support Customized

How to recycle Car Alternator?

First, cut off one end of the scrap car generator copper winding.
Next, fix the stator on the cutter shaft, ensuring that the stator under cutter.

Finally, start the machine and pull out the waste motor stator and copper winding

What Did Our Customer Say?

The claw is so powerful, I just need to place the cutted alternator on the machine and control the handle, then I can get the pure copper windings.

Jon Bakken


The machine is so convenient. It highly improved my recycling rate and helped me earn more money. I like this machine very much.
Andrea Velle

Andrea Velle


I like this machine so much! It is high efficiency and high quality. It helps me a lot when I recycling scrap car alternator.
Elle Aasen

Elle Aasen


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