BSM-20 Motor Stator Recycling Machine


BSM-20 Motor Stator Recycling Machine

  1. Equipped with hydraulic system and foot switch, the operation is efficient and simple.
  2. 1 cutting part and 2 pulling parts, suitable for different sizes of motors recovery;
  3. Alloy manganese steel blades and claws, pure copper motor, ensuring stable performance and an excellent copper cutting effect.
  4. Compare with BSM-40 motor stator recycling machine, this model has less of a hydraulic clamp.

Video Description

This video of the BSM-20 motor stator recycling machine was shown for our French client.

  • Customer: Cotty
  • Country: France
  • A local recycling yard for more than 20 years
  • Purchased in 2022

Our French customer discovered our machine while visiting his friend’s local scrapyard. Seeing it in operation left a strong impression. Intrigued by its efficiency, they reached out to us. After a brief conversation, they were convinced of its value and decided to make the purchase. Our customer now enjoying the benefits in his scrapyard, thanks to the performance and quality of our machine.

Multifunctional BSM-20 Motor Stator Recycling Machine

BSM-20 scrap motor stator recycling machine is integrated cutting and pulling copper windings in one machine for recycling scrap motors. The machine can handle various normal motors and it can also recycle motors from washing machines, water pumps, small appliances, compressors, etc.

Machine Data

Model Number BSM-20 Motor Stator Recycling Machine
Size 1220*940*920/1350*1020*970MM
Weight 450/414KG
Power 5.5KW
Features Cutting + 8Jaws + 16Jaws

BSM-20 Motor Stator Recycling Machine Structure

BSM-20 motor recycling machine

Hydraulic Motor Stator Cutting System

The blades use a hydraulic system and are made up of high-quality alloy manganese steel. They are highly effective in cutting the scrap motor stators.

Foot Switch

The Blades and Claws are controlled by foot switch, allowing one person to operate the machine perfectly by coordinating both hands and feet.

Hydraulic Copper Pulling System

The claws, made of alloy manganese steel, can effectively and fully extract the copper winding in scrap motor stators.

Operation flow

Step 1

In the copper cutting part, the blade is controlled by a foot switch to cut off one end of the copper winding.

Step 2

Please place the cut motor stator on the appropriate pulling part of the machine and control the foot switch to pull out the entire copper winding.

What Can You Finally Get?

scrap copper winding

Entire Copper Windings

copper windings

 USA Customer Provide Pure Copper

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