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Although we provide the most advanced and most complete different types of scrap motor recycling machines in the world, it is still not enough for some big motor recycling companies, so 3T released series motor recycling plant, which can meet the needs of people who wants to process plenty of different kinds scrap motors.

Electric motor shredder Plant Factory

3T’s advanced electric motor shredder line can process all kinds of waste motors from small to big. The production line is composed of shredders, magnetic separation equipment, conveyor belts, dust removal systems, electrical cabinet and separation system, forming a complete set of process lines. 

For optimal recycling, this machine requires motor housings removed before entering into the production line. This step can be done with simple tools and equipment, we can provide you with relevant guidance and advice.ele

Motor recycling production line BSP-200

Model Motor Recycling Production Line BSP200
Power Rating Appro.155KW
Motor Voltage 380V/Customized
Processing Range 50-250MM
Capacity 1800-2200KG/H
Machine Size 15000*58000*4500MM

Electric Motor Shredder Line

(Which kinds of motor recycling plants there have?)

Electric Motor Stator Recycling Plant

Electric Motor Rotor Recycling Plant

Whole Scrap Motor Recycling Line

Which kinds of Motor Can BSP-200 Motor Recycling Plant Process?

Unlike conventional motor dismantling machines, our BSP-200 electric motor shredder line adopt motor crushing as its recycling method. Specifically designed for motors stator diameter under 150mm, this motor separating production line efficiently processes various motors sourced from household appliances, electric tools, etc. The final product of this process includes valuable materials such as copper, iron, and plastic.

Structure of BSP-200 Motor Recycling Plant

The motor stator breker production line can be divided into the following components according to the process flow:

BSP-200 motor recycling plant have 2crushers, one is preshredding for electric motors about 90KW; second crusher is about 45KW, and has its own dust removal system. Mainly used for shredding all kinds of small waste motors.

Air separation system is used to separate metals and non-metals with different weights. A suction fan is installed here, which will draw all dust through the air duct to the dust collector.

  • The copper outlet is a double-layer dimensional separation vibrating screen for separation of various materials
  • The non-metallic outlet is a two-layer dimensional separation vibrating screen separation of non-metallic materials.

The magnetic separator device is used to separating iron material and copper wire.

The dust collector is composed of a box, a suction pipe and a cloth bag, which is used to collect all kinds of light dust.

The electronic control system is used to control the linkage and single movement of each component in motor recycling plant, to diagnose the operation of each component. (with soft start, the motor can be better protected and the service life of the motor can be extended. Meanwhile, the vibration frequency of vibration screening can be controlled by frequency converter, which can be used better and improve the separation effect.)

The conveyor belt is a nylon flat belt structure, driven by a 1.5KW motor. Below the nylon flat belt is a series of rotating rods that support the flat belt. It is used to transport small pieces of metal from the shredder to the second shredder.



air separation system

Air Separator System



Vibrating Table

conveyor belt

Conveyor Belt

Dust collection system

Dust Collection System

How does the motor recycling plant work?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Crush — Break waste motors into small pieces.

Magnetic Separation — Remove discarded iron nuggets.

Air Separation — Separate copper granules and other granules.

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A multifunctional machine, it can process almost all my scrap motors. Don't miss this perfect machine!
This machine is convenient for me, It can crush motor and recycle copper directly.
Junkyard Boss
To be honest, Initially, I just wanted to buy a small motor recycling machine, after their introduction of this motor recycling plant, I want to buy it because I have many scrap motor.

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