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The machine is buzzing and the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! We are currently conducting a test run for our customers. This is a specialized design for the Electric Car Rear Wheel Cutter, and it makes a contribution to environmental conservation and resource recycling. Absolutely! This machine is simply fantastic!

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Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Recycling Machine is a specialized device designed to recycle copper from the rear wheel motors of electric vehicles. The 3T Electric Vehicle Rear Wheel Recovery Seires Machine consists of two machines: a cutting machine and a wire pulling machine.

Electric Bike Rear Hub Motor Cutting Machine

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What is Electric Vehicle Rear Wheel?

The electric tram rear wheel is a component that connects the wheels to the tram’s body. Its primary function is to provide support and stability while transmitting power to the wheels, propelling the tram forward.

The electric tram rear wheel is typically made of steel, copper, and other metals. Materials like copper can be recycled and reused when the wheel is scrapped. Recycling copper not only contributes to environmental protection but also allows for potential profit.

How will you get profit from scrapping it? Look following!

scrap rear wheel motor

Raw Materials

Different types of electric vehicle rear wheel motors:

How to recycle scrap electric vehicle rear wheel?

To dismantle the rear wheel motor of an electric bicycle, two machines are required:

1: Electric Vehicle Rear Wheel Motor Cutter

First, fix the motor shaft securely. Then operate the control handle to bring the motor close to the blade, they are spinning rapidly to cutting the motor in half to achieve the purpose of severing the copper winding wires.

2: Electric Bike Rear Wheel  Motor Copper Pulling Machine

After cutting from middle, fix it on the work platform with a pressing roller. Then, use claws to extract the copper wires, completing the copper recycling.

Why you need a professional machine to recycle?

Get twice result with half the effort

Compared with traditional dismantling methods, this machine can disassemble more motors with less copper loss at the same time, leading to increased profits and improved efficiency.

Economical and practical

Compared to traditional dismantling methods, our machine offers easy operation, enhanced safety, and reduces training and labor costs. It is sold directly from the factory with no extra fees and has a longer service life compared to hammers and other tools.

Except electric bike rear wheel, we also designed specialized recycling machine for different kinds of scrap motor recycling, such as compressor recycling machine, ceiling fan motor recycling machine, car alternator recycling machine, and so on. You can find all machines in motor recycling machine page.

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Customer from U.S.

I have 3 years of scrap recycling experience, 3T electric vehicle recycling machines are the best way to recycle scrap electric vehicle motors I have seen. It is labor-saving and time-saving, and even have no copper loss. Really perfect!

Customer from U.S.

Customer  from Russa.

I have never started a recycling business before. When I saw this electric vehicle recycling machine, I were curious about it, and asked for more details about it. Then I determined  to start my business with this machine. Now It works well, I did a wonderful determine.

Customer  from Russa.

Customer from Italy

I like this electric vehicle rear wheel motor recycling machine very much, I have a rear wheel motor recycling plant, this machine helps me a lot. Thank you for your professional advice and guideline.

Customer from Italy
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