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Testing Video of Car Alternator Recycling Machines

Car generator recycling machine is designed to extract and recover valuable copper components from the waste generators. All different car generator recycling machines run for different customers from overseas. You can see from the videos, the 3T machines can easily help customers get copper from scrap materials.

Video Description

This high-quality car alternator motor-cutting machine is running for our Cyprus customer. It works stably and efficiently, and our customer is so satisfied with it after received the machine.

Leading car alternator Recycling Machine manufacturer

Welcome to 3T, your professional Car Alternator Recycling Machines Factory in China. As a leading manufacturer in the automotive generator recovery industry, we are dedicated to technological innovation, providing efficient and reliable recycling solutions for our customers. This page will introduce our automotive generator dismantling series machines.

Car generator recycling machine is to recycle all kinds of alternators from cars, separate copper winding wire via cutting and pulling function.

Generally speaking, the service life of a car generator is about 7 years. If your car generator has been discarded, don’t throw it away, maybe you can make a lot of money from it.

Professional car Alternator recycling machines for sale

Car alternator recycling machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for the efficient dismantling and recovery of materials from used automotive alternators, separating their various components such as copper windings, steel cores and electronic components. It helps extract valuable materials like copper and steel for reuse, contributing to environmental sustainability and resource conservation while minimizing automotive waste.
BSGH/3T offers the following three specialized auto alternator separating machines. These machines are precisely designed to accommodate the unique structure and characteristics of automotive alternators.

These machines can be categorized into two types based on their functions: integral and split. The integral machines combine cutting and pulling functions into one single unit; whereas the split type is individual machines for car alternator cutting or pulling.

Both types of machines are equipped with high power pure copper motors and utilize hydraulic power sources, ensuring stable performance and operation.

Car Alternator Cutting Machine

  • Power:3KW
  • Price: USD2699

Car Alternator Pulling Machine

  • Power: 4KW
  • Price: USD2999

Car Alternator Cutting And Pulling Machine

  • Power: 5.5KW
  • Price: USD4999

How to recycle scrap car alternator?

Recycling scrap car alternator stator have 2 steps:

First, use auto alternator cutting machine cuts the copper winding wires of the stator.

Second, auto alternator pulling machinery pulls out all the copper windings wires of the stator. 

 Auto Alternator Cutting Part

pull the copper winding out

Auto Generator Pulling Part

We not only provide car generator recycling machines but also professional produce for auto starter motor recycling machines, welcome to contact us to know more.

Application of Automobile Generator Recovery Series Machine

1. Raw materials of car generator stator recovery device

(This series of auto generator recovery machines is specially used for recycling various types of auto generators.)

Final products achieve 100% recovery rate with minimal copper loss.

2. Whom buy our car alternator recycling machines? You can refer to the application fields we listed.

  • Generator Recycling Scrapyard: If you earn money by purchasing and recycling used car generators. Then our auto alternator recovery machinery is definitely your best choice.
  • Car Recycling Plant:
    If you are a big car recycling scrapyard, have much car generators, also want to earn more via recycling, you can take our products into consideration.
  • Scrap Metal Recycling Site: If you intend to purchase various scrap copper raw materials, whether it is scrap motors or scrap car generators, 3T has the best solution for you.

No matter what field you work in, if you have used car generators to recycle, you can choose product from this series. 

What is our competitive advantages?

Compared to manual dismantling, our disassembly machines offer the following advantages:
  1. Efficiency: The automotive generator disassembly machine is electrically driven and powered by hydraulic sources, which reduces the burden of manual labor and enhances operation efficiency.
  2. Safety: Manual dismantling processes may involve the risk of accidental injuries due to improper operation. With our electric dismantling machines, operators can stay away from direct physical harm, enhancing operation safety.
  3. High Recovery Rate: Manual dismantling may result in unstable recovery rates and copper losses due to varying levels of proficiency. The automotive generator recycling machine can completely extract the entire copper windings from the automotive generators, achieving 100% recycling rate.
Difference between traditional method and machine

By choosing 3T car alternator recycling machine you will benefit from:

Higher Profits: Using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, our machines is superior durability and reliability. By choosing our products,  you will save on repair costs due to poor quality and expenses related to hiring numerous workers, thereby increasing your profits.

Professional Services: Our sales personnel and technical team undergo rigorous training and possess expertise in the field. Whether it’s technical consultation or after-sales service, we provide the most professional assistance. Additionally, our machines support customization to ensure all your specific needs are met.

3T with over 20 years of experience in copper recovery, is a pioneering manufacturer that developed and patented the first automotive generator recycling machine. All our workers, technicians and sales personnel undergo strict training for all aspect. Moreover, our company has a rigorous quality control department and all products have successfully passed extensive market testing.

Good Feedback Of Car Alternator Recycling Machine


The FAQs About Auto Generator Recycling Machine

Many customers have a lot of confusion when purchasing a car generator recovery machine. The following are the most common questions and corresponding answers when buying  a car generator separator machine:  

No, it is specifically designed for recycling copper from used car alternator machines. If you tend to know about other waste motor recycling equipment, please pay attention to our motor recycling line. We have all kinds of motor recycling machines.

Of course, the company’s auto generator recycling machine series products include auto generator recycling cutting and pulling all-in-one machine and independent auto generator  cutting machine and auto generator pulling machine. You can buy according to your needs.

Dear, we are authentic company, there is no reason to deceive you. We have been doing international business for more than 25 years, our customer spread all over the world, we will not damage our company’s reputation, you can totally trust us.

Certainly. The copper recycling business is highly profitable. In China, a ton of copper nuggets can be sold for about $9,000. You can trust what you choose.

Don’t worry, we have sold many machines, you can refer to the feedback from our customers, they have processed different car alternators, and all the feedbacks to us are positive.

Or if you still don’t believe what I say, you can send us your scrap car alternator machine to us and we will test the machine with your alternator and you can check the test results.

Yes, 12 months warranty. During the warranty period, the main parts that are not artificially damaged can be repaired and replaced, but except consumable parts, you can buy some as common spare parts.

For the payment method, our company accepts T/T and Western Union. You can pay 30% deposit first. After the machine is finished, you can pay 70% of the final payment, and also you can come to our factory to test the machine.

If you want to know more, you can send an inquiry below.

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