BSM-30 Electric Motor Winding Puller


BSM-30 Electric Motor Winding Puller

  1. BSM-30 electric motor winding puller undergoes strict standard market tests.
  2. Equipped with two cylinders, this machine is more powerful and efficient than traditional machines.
  3. Equipped with a lifter for pulling out the copper winding, the whole process is automatic, easy to operate and saves labor.
  4. Processing range: 50~500MM can be recycled by the machine with super powerful hydraulic pliers.

Video Description

BSM-30 is test running for our USA customer.

  • Country: USA
  • He bought BSM-20 before, because he have many motors from small to big, so this time we recommend him buy BSM-30.
  • Big recycling company in local place.


The customer wants to buy a motor recycling machine, but there are many manufacturers, he doesn’t know how to choose the best one, we advise them to visit our factory to have a clear understanding of our brand and quality, this video was taken when the customers visited our factory. After visiting, the customer ordered our machine on the spot without hesitation.

electric motor winding puller for sale

BSM-30 electric motor winding puller is a machine that extracts copper windings from scrap electric motors within 500MM diameter, these machines are often used together with a motor stator cutter machine BSM-20 or BSM-40 or single cutting machine to recycle copper. 

This equipment is widely used in various recycling stations, motor factories and motor repair shops to recycle scrap motors.

Machine Data

(Here are several models for similar structure machines for you to choose.)

Model BSM-30 Motor Recycling Machine BSM-40 electric motor recyclers BSM-10 Electric Motor Scrapping Machine
Motor Power 5.5KW 7.5KW 5.5KW
Machine Size 2310*770*950MM 1940*1430*1150MM 240*1100*1300MM
Machine Weight 395KG 670KG 750/690KG
Parts 1 Pulling Part 1 Cutting Part, 3 Pulling Part 1 Cutting Part, 3 Pulling Part

Machine Structure

Structure of BSM-30 Motor Wrecker Machine

BSM-30 electric motor winding puller structure is simple, contains a powerful hydraulic plier and a lifter. 

The lifter is used to save energy during the processing of large scrap motor stators.

How Does The Machine Work?

Before pulling, use a motor cutting machine to cut one end of the copper winding of the stator first.

Step 1

Fix the scrap motor in the lifter and control the claw to approach it closely.

Step 2

Pull the copper out and rotate the motor to ensure that all the copper windings are pulled out.

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Our professional staff will provide you with the most comprehensive service from pre-purchase to after-sale. We offer 24-hour online consultation and will provide you with optimal recycling solution to meet your needs.

3T provides the most complete range of machines for recycling various types of waste motors. If your materials are unique or you have special requirements, we can customize the machine for you.

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