ST-400 Motor Stator Cutting And Pulling Machine


ST-400 Motor Stator Cutting And Pulling Machine

  1. ST-400 motor stator cutting and pulling machine multifunctional: Cutting motor shell and motor stator, pulling copper winding from motor stator;
  2. High efficiency: The capacity can go up to 25pcs per hour, depending on your operation method. Using a heavy cylinder, with large torque can withstand high loads;
  3. Convenient: Has compact structure, small size, easy to operate, hot sale in USA and Europe;
  4. Support customized single phase, but normally recommend 3phase.

Video Description

ST-400 Motor Stator Cutting And Pulling Machine is testing for Australian customer.

  • Stator Diameter Range: 90-250MM
  • Power: 415V, 50Hz 3phase
  • Mainly smaller motors

Our machine is tested for our client before shipping. With the shell cutting, stator cutting and copper winding pulling parts all in one, this machine can help our customers recycle motors highly efficiently and cost saving.

professional ST-400 motor stator cutting and pulling machine

ST-400 motor stator extracting machine is designed for recycling copper from ordinary scrap motors. It consists of two main parts: the cutting part and the pulling part. The cutting part is a hydraulic system and contains two blades for cutting the motor shell and stator. The pulling part includes a fixture, jaws, and an ejector, which work together to extract copper windings from the motor stator.

Technical Data

Model ST-400 motor stator cutting and pulling machine alternatives BSM-40 electric motor recyclers
Range 90-250MM stator diameter 50-500MM stator diameter
Weight 1100KG 670KG
Machine Size L1800*W900*H1950MM L1940*W1430*H1150MM
Power 5.5KW 7.5KW

Our motor recycling machines come in various types,  ST-400 belongs to one of the common electric motor recycling machines, for this kind of structure, is especially loved by European and USA customers. BSM-40 and BSM-50 are the golden partner, 2 machines working together have a bigger recycling range.

ST-400 Machine Spare Parts

Motor Stator Cutting and Pulling Machine ST-400 Working Process

  1. First the cutting part cut the motor shell off by flat blade;
  2. Then the sharpen blade cut the motor stator into two equal pieces;
  3. The gripping jaw of the pulling part grips all copper winding wires and pushing rods to push the motor stator away, leaving the copper winding wires fully exposed and detached.
2 jaws

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I'm thrilled with my purchase! The product not only looks great but also functions exceptionally well.
customer from Russia
customer from Russia
The shipping was lightning-fast, and the product arrived before the estimated date. Very impressed!
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customer from Portugal
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I've been using this service for a while now, and I can confidently say it's the best in the market. Kudos to the team!
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customer from Malaysia

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