Car Starter Heating Machine for Sale


Car Starter Heating Machine for Sale

  1. The device adopts a digital temperature control system to ensure a stable and precise temperature monitor during the heating process. This feature helps prevent any unnecessary damage to the copper windings and ensures an efficient recycling process.
  2.  The whole heating process only takes 10 seconds.
  3. Car starter heating machine is equipped with an advanced smoke exhaust system to discharge harmful gases in time to keep the working environment clean and comfortable.

Video Description

As shown beside, car starter heating machine is in running for our Poland client.

  • Raw material: Mainly car starter motors
  • Time:2021
  • Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3Phase

Our customer wants to buy a heating machine for his car starter motors, his friend who bought our copper granulator machine last year introduced our brand to him. He wanted to know how does our car starter heating machine work, so we show him this video. He was very satisified with our machine’s high speed of heating and smoke exhaust system, and bought our machine at last.

Hot Sale Car Starter Heating Machine

The car starter heater is mainly for heating car starter motors, the 3rd step for recycling scrap car starter motors. It works by softening the motor starter stator, making it easier for the copper-pulling machine to extract all the copper windings. Here are the detailed parameters for you.

Machine Data

Model Car Starter Heating Machine Auto Starter Rotor Cutting Machine auto starter motor pulling machine
Processing effiency more than 350/H more than 350/H more than 350/H
Size 1200*1200*1350MM 800*800*1550MM 1400*1100*1700MM
Weight 236KG 200KG 460KG
Package dimensions 1300*1300*1450MM 900*900*1650MM 1500*1200*1800MM
Weight after package 270KG 230KG 500KG
Power 85KW 3KW 4KW

Copper windings in car starter motor are often tightly bonded to insulation. Our auto starter rotor cutting machine will cut one end of starter rotor first. And the car starter heating machine will heat the starter rotor to melt insulation which will make it easy for auto starter motor pulling machine to pull out the copper winding.

User Guide

There’s 2 models of car starter heating machine, we recommend 85KW, higher efficiency.

put scrap car alternator on the machine

Put the car starter stator on the heating part


Heat for 10 seconds

car starter rotor without insulating film

Use pliers to take out car starter stator


What kinds of motor can this machine handle?
Our car starter heater is specifically designed to heat all kinds of car starter motors. You can choose our car starter heating machine do not worry.
What are the benefits of recycling copper windings?
By recycling the copper windings in waste starters, we actively promote resource recovery, protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a circular economy. By selling and reusing the copper winding, you can efficiently improve revenue.
Do your machines have quality assurance?
Yes, we offer 12-month warranty. During the warranty period, the main parts that are not artificially damaged can be repaired and replaced.  However, consumable parts such as blades are not covered under the warranty and would need to be purchased separately as common spare parts.
This is my first time importing goods from China, why should I choose your company?
We have been doing international copper recycling business for more than 25 years and have gained numerous good feedbacks, we will not damage our company's reputation. You can totally trust us.

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