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Welcome to 3T automotive magnetic switch recycling machine page! This page will introduce you our magnetic switch dismantling devices. There are different kinds of motors in Scrap Cars, such as car alternators and car starters, different motors need different machines to recycle.

magnetic switch recycling machine video project

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BSGH car starter magnetic switch recycling machine for USA client is in trial running. It is high efficiency and high recycling rate.

scrap car starter magnetic switch

What Is A Magnetic Switch For?

Car Starter Magnetic Switch is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic to start the engine. These switches contain a lot of copper, which can be recycled, sold, and reused. If you have discarded magnetic switches, don’t rush to dispose of them. You can use our efficient recycling machine to recycle them and get profit from selling the recovered copper.

Professional Automotive Magnetic Switch Recycling Machine Supplier

The scrap automotive magnetic switch recycling machine is to pull the inner stator comes out and then separate inner copper winding wire. Invented by BSGH recovers the copper in the waste electromagnetic switch completely by physical method through traction, and no secondary pollution during the recycling process; this machine is based on the structural characteristics of the automobile starter magnetic switch Designed to efficiently recover copper.

car starter magnetic switch recycling machine
Model Car Starter Magnetic Switch Machine
Motor Power 3KW
Host Size 650*510*920MM
Host Weight 110KG
Gas Station Size 560*460*800MM
Gas Station Weight 55KG

raw materials

scrap car starter magnetic switch
magnatic switch
car starter magnetic switch

Automotive Magnetic Switch Recycling Machine Working Principle

pull the copper winding out

Dismantling Scrap Magnetic Switch Motor

First, place scrap car starter magnetic switch motor on the platform and fix it, then push the magnetic switch copper wire coil out of the case.

pull the copper winding by hand

Pull The Copper Out

Secondly, take out the magnetic switch with the outer shell removed and use plier manually peel off the the copper wire windings.

Why choose us?

1. Cost-effective

Investing in a 3T starter magnetic switch recycling machine is a wise decision that will enhance your recycling business, both economically and operationally. 

3T car starter magnetic switch recovery machine adopts high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure the stability and performance of the equipment in long-term use. It can reduce maintenance costs and replacement costs for you.

 When you choose the 3T automotive magnetic switch pushing machine, you gain access to professional technical support and attentive after-sales service. Our team is committed to assisting you with equipment operation guidance, maintenance advice, and timely technical assistance, ensuring that your experience is smooth and your investment is maximized.

2.The company is reliable

The following are the core strengths of our company: 

Choose us, you will get a high-quality product, and enjoy our company’s all-around service and support.

3T is famous for its innovation and R&D strength. The company holds various patent certificates such as compressor breaker machine and magnetic switch, and has displayed products and technologies in many international exhibitions.

3T has a modern production plant equipped with the most advanced technology. We strictly follow the ISO quality management system, select high-quality materials and components and use high-standard production environment and efficient production lines to ensure the excellent quality of products.

3T has an experienced and strong R&D team dedicated to product innovation and technological progress. We focuses on communication and cooperation with customers, and provides customized solutions according to their specific requirements. We provide comprehensive pre-sale consultation, in-sale support and after-sales service to ensure customers have a satisfactory purchasing experience.

Our company provides comprehensive after-sales support, including equipment installation, commissioning, training and maintenance, etc. Our technical team is on hand to provide remote support and on-site service to customers, answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure the normal operation and maximum performance of equipment.

What Did Customers Say?

high efficiency

I must praise the high efficiency of this machine! Previously, we used to manually dismantle the starter magnetic switches, which was very complicated. When I saw this machine, I decided to buy one and have a try. Now, after using this machine, our work efficiency has directly tripled!

less copper loss

What a fantastic machine! What surprised me most was the low copper loss. Before using it, we were always worried lots of loss when recycling copper windings, but with this machine, the copper loss has been significantly reduced. I'd like to recommended to everyone who recycles magnetic switches!

save cost

The operation is simple, I just need one worker can finish highly efficienct work, It saves a lot of money and labor force.

factory direct sales

This machine is deserved to invest. They have their own factory to manufacture machines, so I bought with factory direct selling price. And I just cost a few days to earn back my cost on purchasing the machine.

perfect services

I like the service of their sellers who always answer my questions in time and patiently. Besides, I think they are so professional that gave me suitable advice and helped me choose the best machine.

high quality

what a best machine for me! I must praise the durability and reliability of this machine, after using it for a while, it has maintained a solid performance with no quality issues. For me, this is a great value machine with excellent quality.


Q1:Compared with manually dismantle the stator magnetic switches, how much productivity can it provide?

It just needs 10 seconds to dismantle a stator magnetic switch, the work efficiency is high.

Q2: Does this machine need frequent maintenance? Is maintenance complicated?

In order to improve your machine’s service life, basic maintenance is necessary, you just need to clean up the grease and add some mechanical lubricant appropriately.


Q3: Is this machine suitable for recycling other types of products except the car starter magnetic switch? 

Better not, this machine is specialized for recycling car starter magnetic switches, for other motor types, we have other motor recycling machine.

Q4: Is the copper recycling business profitable?

Certainly. The copper recycling business is highly profitable. In China, a ton of copper nuggets can be sold for about $9,000. You can trust what you choose.

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