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The 3T transformer motor recycling machine works by cutting the transformer into half, and then pulling the copper winding out. It is easy to operate, saving both labor and time. All our machines undergo strict quality testing, ensuring optimal performance.

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BSGH transformer recycling machine testing for our German customer, achieve transformer cutting and copper winding pulling in one set.

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Transformers can be categorized into various types depending on their applications. In daily life, the most commonly used transformers are the smaller ones.

3T Transformer motor recycling machine is a specialized system built to efficiently process various types of small transformers. It is specifically designed to handle transformers diameter below 12CM. This machine consists of two main parts: cutting part that efficiently cuts the transformer; pulling part effectively extracts copper windings. If you consider transformers recycling as a business, this machine is the best choice for you.

Model Transformer Motor Recycling Machine
Motor Power 4KW
Weight 240KG
Machine Size 1200*730*1230MM
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A transformer is an electrical device that functions to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. Typically, transformers are composed of multiple copper windings and an iron core. Copper is an excellent conductor with remarkable electrical and thermal properties. Thus, a large amount of copper wire is used in the manufacturing of transformers, which enhances the efficiency of electrical energy transfer.

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3T is a leading wholesale manufacturer in recycling transformers, over 25 years of experience in the industry. We also have all kinds of motor recycling machine. Our expertise and knowledge enable us to provide customized machines to clients worldwide, offering factory-direct sales prices.


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