Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine for Sale


Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine for Sale

  1. The car generator recycling machine combines cutting and pulling parts in a single device, saving both cost and space for you.
  2. It has a powerful copper motor and hydraulic system, higher efficiency and easy operation.
  3. Factory lower price.
  4. If you have many car alternator motors, then you can choose our single cutting and pulling machine.

Video Description

  • Country: USA
  • Local family-owned business


An American took over his brother’s recycling company because his brother intended to retire early and enjoy his life. He discovered a highly efficient car alternator-cutting machine in the local place, he also wanted to buy a new machine and learned that this machine was ordered from our factory. He contacted us through WhatsApp and bought a new car alternator cutting and pulling machine from us. This video is testing for him before shipping.

Efficient Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine for Sale

3T manufacturer has specifically designed a Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine to efficiently disassemble waste car generator motors with minimal copper loss. For car alternator motor recycling machine, there’s 3 kinds, 2 single recycling machine and one integrated recycling machine.

Technical Parameters of car alternator cutting and pulling machine

This machine consists of car alternator cutting machine and car alternator pulling machine in one, you can choose according to your requests.

Model Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine Car Alternator Cutting Machine Car Alternator Pulling Machine
Powder 5.5KW 3KW 4KW
Weight 334KG 200KG 220KG
Size L1170*W980*H1090MM L1130*W800*H900MM L1100*W770*H1000MM
Votage Support Customized 3 Phase Voltage 3 Phase Voltage

Device Structure

structure of car alternator cutting and pulling machine

Cutting Part

Equipped with a high-hardness sharp steel blade, the cutting part can swiftly cut the scrap alternator.

Pulling Part

Using specially designed claws, the pulling part can efficiently extract all the scrap copper without any loss.

Cutting and pulling control pedal

Foot control pedal allows you to work efficiently and frees up your hands.

Working Procedure

  • Place the scrapped car alternator on the cutter shaft, rotate it for cutting, ensuring that one end of the copper winding is completely cut. 
  • Next, in the copper pulling platform, rotate the processed car alternator and use clamps to completely pull out the copper winding.

Benefis Of 3T car alternator cutting and pulling machine

  1. Precise Cutting.The car alternator cutting and pulling machine is equipped with a sharp alloy steel blade, enabling easy and precise cutting of copper windings and reaching a higher recycling rate.
  2. Safe and reliable. The machine operates automatically, avoiding potential dangers compare with manual tools, high-quality materials and advanced technology ensure durability and reliability.
  3. Reliable after-sales service. We offer comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring timely and professional support online. Feel free to leave all your questions to us!

Good Feedback From 3T Customers

Car Alternator pulling and Cutting Machine

This machine has greatly improved my working efficiency. And I am highly satisfied with its quality and convenience.

Car Alternator cutting and pulling machine

I can’t believe that this high performance machine is so cheap. It works so well. I really love it.

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