BSC Electric Motor Dismantling Machine


BSC Electric Motor Dismantling Machine

  1. BSC Electric Motor Dismantling Machine consists of cutting and pulling functions in one machine, which is convenient to recycle scrap motors.
  2. Suitable for various types of ordinary motors and some scrap compressor motors.
  3. The pedal switch offers safer and easier operation.

Video Description

BSC electric motor recycling machine test for Mexico customer.


Our customer wants to know the quality of our machine because this is the first time he buy the machine from our factory. We showed him via video. After watching the working process, he said he wants to buy one. Subsequently, we provided additional information regarding the purchasing process along with expert advice. He was satisfied with it. And now we have established cooperative relationship.

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BSC electric motor dismantling machine produced by 3T is a multifunctional equipment, capable of cutting and pulling copper windings from both regular motors and short compressor motors. And if your compressor is particularly slender, such as a submersible pump compressor, we can also customize a special machine for you.

Machine Data

Model BSC Electric Motor Dismantling Machine Best Partner: Compressor Shell Cutting Machine
Power 3KW 6.2KW
Weight 265KG 820KG
Size L840*W1100*H850MM 1930*880*1380MM
Capacity 350 PCS/H 350 PCS/H

After compressor shell being cutted by compressor shell cutting machine, the BSC electric motor dismantling machine will cut the compressor stator and pull the copper winding out.

Application Scope

3T BSC electric motor dismantling machine can handle various types of electric motors and waste compressor motors, motors within the following limit:

1. The stator's inner diameter is more than 4 cm;
2. The outer diameter of the wire package is less than 12.5 cm;
3. The thickness of the silicon steel sheet is below 12cm.

What Else Can BSGH Provide You?


1. Machine Customization Service

We provide machine customization service for special motors. For example, the submersible pump compressor is very thin and long, we support customized machines.

2. Solution Customization Service

For scrap motors there's various types, customers may be confused when choosing machines. Don't worry, you only need to provide pictures of your materials scrap electric motors, BSGH staff will give you the best solution.

Mechanism Behind 3T BSC Waste Motor Breaker Machine

  1. Place the motor stator on the cutting part and cut one end of the copper winding. After that, move to the wire-pulling part and use claw to pull out the entire copper winding.
  2. The whole process is controlled by the foot switch.

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