MR-P Motor Stator Winding Pulling Machine


MR-P Motor Stator Winding Pulling Machine

MR-P Motor Stator Winding Pulling Machine Advantage:

  1. Circuits are integrated: the process is automatic and easy to operate.
  2. With alloy steel blades and a famous solenoid valve, it is highly durable.
  3. One sharp blade + one flat blade + 6pcs jaws.
  4. MR-P machine is the same as ST-400 pulling part.

Video Description

MR-P Motor Stator Winding Pulling Machine processes well for our customer in our factory.

  • Customer: USA
  • Machine Size:1000*680*910MM
  • Power: 4KW
  • Voltage: 220V 60HZ 3phase

Our customer has many scrap motors in his big recycling station, he has a motor cutting machine already, and now he only wants to buy a motor stator pulling machine, also because his stator is small in size and common motors, we suggested he buy our BSM-50 electric motor pulling machine to pull the copper winding out. After he received our customer is extremely satisfied with the machine because of the high speed.


Leading motor stator wire pulling machine MR-P

Motor stator winding pulling machine MR-P is a physical method to safely extract the entire copper wiring from the motor stator. The machine is suitable for recycling motor stator diameters ranging from 80mm to 250mm, same as ST-400 pulling parts. Compared to manual dismantling, this machine significantly improves working efficiency, saving labor, time and energy costs.

Motor Wire Pulling Equipment MR-P Technical Data:

MR-P is especially for pulling copper winding out, only have pulling parts; BSM-50 is only cutting parts, mainly for cutting motor shell and motor stators, is the best partner for MR-P, normally we recommend customer to assemble like this.

Model Motor stator copper windig pulling equipment MR-P Best Partner: BSM-50 electric motor cutting machine
Machine Size 1000*450*1860MM 750*550*2150MM
Power 4KW 7.5KW
Range 80-250MM Stator below 500MM

MR-P Working Process:

  1. First, put cutted motor stator on the pulling platform.
  2. Control pliers to grip the copper coil firmly, then pushing shaft pushes out the steel shell, fully exposing the entire copper winding.
motor stator pulling machine
copper winding pulling machine
motor pulling machine
motor copper wire pulling machine

Customer review

customer from Australia

customer from Australia

I had a fantastic experience shopping here. The website was user-friendly, and the delivery was prompt.

customer from Bengal

customer from Bengal

The product arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the careful packaging. I'm a satisfied customer!

customer from U.S.

customer from U.S.

I've recommended this company to all my friends. The level of professionalism and product selection is remarkable.

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