Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Pulling Machine


Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Pulling Machine

  1. The copper winding wire of the electric bicycle rear wheel hub motor is disassembled cleanly and thoroughly with high recycling efficiency and no copper loss;
  2. Factory direct sale has the best price in the market, cheap and economical;
  3. Compared with Manual disassembly, this machine can recycle copper safely, conveniently and highly efficiently.

Video Description

Our customer has many scrap E-bike rear wheel motors, at the beginning, he is headache because of manual process waste time and not safe, he is desired to buy one machine but not easy to find.

  • Customer: Thailand
  • Time: 2022
  • Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3PHASE

After a long time to find this kind of machine, by chance he view on youtube to see our machine, he is very satisfied to call us, about 10 minutes, he ordered.
Now he is still using our machine to process his motors, tks for my customer’s trust.

Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Pulling Machine

E-bike rear wheel motors recycling need 2 machines, unlike ordinary motors, this kinds of motor have unique structures, making them different in dismantling and recycling. Therefore, 3T designed an electric bike rear wheel hub motor pulling machine specifically for electric bike rear wheel motors, by using the scroll wheel and claws, it can efficiently extract the copper windings. 

Machine Data

Before processing with e bike rear wheel hub motor pulling machine, you need to use an electric bike rear wheel hub motor cutting machine first.

Model Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Pulling Machine Best Partner: Electric Bike Rear Wheel Cutting Machine
power 4KW 3KW
Machine Size 1800*980*1160MM 980*850*940MM
Machine Weight 405KG 170KG

working process

  1. Before using this machine, cut the electric bike rear wheel motor first.
  2. Then, place the motor on this machine, fix it with the pushing wheel and rotating, the claws will pull out all the copper windings while rotating. 

our customers' remark

customer from America

This machine deserves all the praise it gets! Extracting the copper winding from the electric bike's motor used to be such headache, but now, with this tool, it's a piece of cake. I couldn't be happier!

customer from American

customer from Italy

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The high efficiency and no copper loss feature of this product make it a standout performer. Highly recommended!

customer from Italy

customer from Russia

"I've had this machine for a few months and it still performs like new. Definitely worth every penny!"

customer from Russia

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