BSM-50 Electric Motor Cutting Machine


BSM-50 Electric Motor Cutting Machine

  1. Multifunctional: BSM-50 Scrap Motor Stator Wrecker Machine is capable of processing both the motor shell and motor stator.
  2. Wide processing range: compared with ordinary waste motor cutting machines, BSM-50 can process motor diameter below 500MM.
  3. High efficiency: Using hydraulic pressure, can quickly break the high-hardness motor scraps.

Video Description

BSM-50 Electric Motor Cutting Machine is running well in our for our customer.

  • Country: USA
  • A reputed local dismantling company, big motor recycling station
  • Bought in 2020

He not only bought our BSM-50 electric motor cutting machine to cut scrap motor shells and motor stator but also bought our BSM-40 electric motor recyclers for motor cutting and pulling. Good quality blades are very sharp, cutting the motor stator is as easy as cutting Tofu. Our customer is pleased to buy this machine.

hot sale electric motor cutting machine

3T’s classic electric motor cutting machine BSM-50 is for breaking motor shells and cutting motor stators in half, proving to be extremely useful for recycling scrap motors, we always recommend to buy with BSM-40 together can process stator diameter to 500MM.

Machine Data

Model BSM-50 Motor Cutting Machine
Motor Power 7.5KW
Machine Weight 650KG
Cutting Part Weight 530KG
Power Unit Weight 120KG

Structure and Working Process of BSM-50 Motor Cutting Machine

We have equipped this machine with both flat blades and sharp blades.

Press Motor Shell

BSM-50 with flat blade

A flat Blade is used to cut the motor shell.

Cutting Motor Stator

BSM-50 with sharp blade

Sharp Blades can divide the scrap motor stator in two, which is convenient for pulling out the copper winding in the next step.

Praise from Customers

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