Motor Copper Winding Puller MR-W


Motor Copper Winding Puller MR-W

  1. MR-W motor copper winding puller machine suitable for motor stators with an inner diameter range of 40-75mm, mainly for washing machine motors.
  2. Passed CE certification, offering stable performance and comprehensive after-sales services.
  3. The same function and similar structure machine have BSC.

Video Description

Motor Copper Winding Puller MR-W is running for our UK customer.

  • Customer in UK
  • Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3Phase
  • Mainly processing washing machine motor.
  • Mr-W is mainly for various washing machine motors recycling.

Our customer is the boss of the recycling station. What he recycled is mainly scrap motors from washing machines, recently he found there are many scrap motors thrown away everywhere, he knows lots of copper hidden in them, so he bought our motor recycling machine to recycle copper, you can see it can process highly efficiently without copper loss.

leading MR-W motor copper winding puller manufacturer

Copper winding puller for scrap electric motors recycling MR-W combines stator cutting and copper winding pulling into one machine. It is designed to process mainly washing machine motors, air conditioner motors, etc. This machine with a hydraulic system can efficiently separate copper windings from stators, easy to operate.

Technical Data

BSC is similar with MR-W no matter in structure or function, they are all have one cutting part and one pulling part. Following is their comparison.

Model motor copper winding puller MR-W BSC
Process Range 40-75MM Stator diameter is 40MM~125MM
Machine Size 1120*630*990MM 840*1100*850MM
Weight 300KG 390KG
Power 2.2KW/380V 3KW/380V

Processing Step

Place the stator under the blade on the cutting platform. Cut off one end of the copper winding of the motor stator and rotate the stator to ensure it is completely cut. 

Next,secure the cut section on the pulling part; the claws will then pull the copper windings out.

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