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Hydraulic scrap press machine is professional equipment to cut the electric motor shell. The motor case can be quickly dismantled by the machine.

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Hydraulic scrap press machine is a machine that can crush and compress a wide range of metallic objects. It can be used to process ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including iron sheets, buckets, scrap motors, and stainless steel rails. This machine can also be used to compress recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, and plastic

15T Hydraulic scrap metal wrecker machine

Power: 3KW

Pressure: About 15T

Machine Size: 1000*700*1400MM

Weight: 230KG

40T Hydraulic scrap metal wrecker machine

Power: 5.5KW

Pressure: About 40T

Machine Size: 1000*900*1700MM

Weight: 300+85KG

50T Hydraulic scrap metal wrecker machine

Power: 7.5KW

Pressure: About 50T

Machine Size: 1000*900*2100MM

Tank Size: 550*480*920MM

Weight: 380+85KG

65T Hydraulic scrap metal wrecker machine

Power: 11KW

Pressure: About 65T

Machine Size: 1200*800*2050MM

Tank Size: 1100*620*900MM

Weight: 740+170KG

Hydraulic Scrap Press Machine

The scrap metal hydraulic press machine manufactured by 3T is a multifunctional device that serves various purposes, primarily processing metal. It can efficiently remove motor casings, extract motor rotors, and be applied to briquette, etc. 

It is widely used in recycling stations and can greatly increase the recycling value of scrap metal.

Here, our scrap metal pressing machine series contains many different types of machines. 

  • Each type is equipped with a different shape and function;
  • Each type also can customized different pressure.

Application of Hydraulic Scrap Metal Wrecker Machine

Hydraulic Cutting Press Machine have diverse applications across various industries, such as metalworking, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. They excel in tasks like metal forming, stamping, molding, assembly and dismantling, we will talk about the hydraulic press machine application in recycling fields.

Dismantling Motor Shell

The hydraulic press machine not only breaks the motor shell but also cuts the motor stator using a hydraulic power pump. After the shell being cutted, you can use motor recycling machine to recycle copper easily. The machine is capable of dismantling both copper motors and aluminum motors. The video clearly demonstrates how the machine efficiently breaks the motor shell.

copper electric motor
Play Video about copper electric motor
scrap car starter
Play Video about scrap car starter

Dismantling Car Starter Rotor

There is a lot of copper in scrap car starter rotors, but it is not easy to pull the copper out, so pre-press the scrap car starter rotor head is very necessary. After this step, copper can be recycled from scrap car starter easily with car starter cutting machine and car starter pulling machine.

Other Applications

Hydraulic metal briquetting machines are widely used in metal processing industries, including automobile manufacturing, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, construction, and other fields. It can process various metal materials, such as scrap copper granulated by copper granulator machine, aluminum powder, cast iron, scrap steel, powdered special alloy, etc.

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