BSM-40 Electric Motor Recyclers for Sale


BSM-40 Electric Motor Recyclers for Sale

  1. By adopting the latest technology, BSM-40 electric motor recycler has a higher power pure copper motor, making it more efficient.
  2. Uniquely designed with a hydraulic clamp and a lifter, it can pull out copper windings from larger and heavier motors, allowing copper winding diameter extraction below 500MM.
  3. Equipped with pedal switch with cover, safer to operate.
  4. Have one cutting part and 3 pulling parts.
  5. BSM-40 is updated on the basis of BSM-10.
  6. The right side and left side can working at the same time.

Video Description

With the cutting part and pulling part integrated, the BSM-40 electric motor recycler is very popular in recycling markets.

  • Customer: Russia
  • Stator Diameter Range: 50-500MM
  • Power: 7.5KW

Our BSM-40 motor recycler is testing for our Russian client who wants to expand the scale of his recycling station. He told us he intends to employ other 3 workers, but the labor cost is high while the efficiency is low. After seeing our machine, he thought it was a good idea to buy a motor stator recycler to improve his recycling efficiency.

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Multifunction electric motor recyclers BSM-40 is designed to separate copper windings from scrap electric motor stators. As a professional machine for recycling scrap motor stators, BSM-40 motor wrecker has 1 cutting part to cut one end of copper windings and 3 pulling parts to pull different diameter copper windings out. 

Used Motor Recyclers Machine Parameters

Model BSM-40 Electric Motor Recyclers BSM-10 Used Motor Recycler
Power 7.5KW 5.5KW
Machine Weight 670KG 750KG
Range Stator Diameter 50-500MM Stator Diameter 50-500MM
Machine Size 1940*1430*1150MM 2400*1100*1300MM

BSM-40 electric motor recycler has a similar structure, function and processing range to BSM-10 electric motor wrecker(overdue), normally we assemble with BSM-50 for our customer, is the most popular one in motor recycling machines.

Raw Material

BSM-40 electric motor recycler is capable of directly processing nearly all types of regular scrap motor stators.

How Does the Machine Work?

BSM-40 electric motor recycler is a multifunction machine with a wide processing range, used for all kinds of common scrap electric motors.

Step 1

Press the pedal switch and rotate the scrap motor stator, allowing the blade to fully cut one end of the copper winding of the scrap motor stator.

Step 2

Choose a suitable hydraulic claw based on the diameter of your motor stators. Then, place the stator cut on the pulling part to pull the entire copper winding out efficiently.

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