Hot Sale Car Alternator Cutting Machine


Hot Sale Car Alternator Cutting Machine

  1. Car alternator cutting machine is equipped with hardened alloy manganese steel blades, It can efficiently cut scrap generator motor stators.
  2. Pure copper motors ensure long service life.
  3. Simple reinforced structure and a pedal to control the cutter blade, making it easy to operate and safer than manual dismantling.

Video Description

  • Customer from Spain
  • Bought in 3 years ago


Our Spanish customer stumbled upon our product while visiting a trade show. Impressed by its features, they immediately reached out to us for more information and soon became a proud owner. We talked about the development prospects and challenges of this industry, helping them analyze the solution. Then they tested our car generator cutting machine themselves, they said it’s very useful for them.

Distribution car alternator cutting machine

The car generator cutting machine is specially designed to cut off one end of the car generator stator copper winding. This is a necessary step make it possible to recycle copper from scrap car alternators. Usually, this machine is assembled with the car alternator pulling machine to work together. 

Machine Data

Model Car Alternator Cutting Machine Car Alternator Pulling Machine Car Alternator Cutting and Pulling Machine
Powder 3KW 4KW 5.5KW
Weight 200KG 220KG 334KG
Size L1130*W800*H900MM L1100*W770*H1000MM L1170*W980*H1090MM
Votage 3 Phase Voltage 3 Phase Voltage Support Customized

For car alternator recycling, we designed three types machine, you can choose car alternator cutting machine and car alternator pulling machine if you want work independently. If you want to save costs or less scrap generators, you can choose our integrated recycling machine, saving your space.

What Raw Material can our car alternator recycling machine process?

scrap car alternator
car alternator

Working Process of our car alternator recycling machine

Fix the car generator stator on the cutter shaft, then rotate it to completely cut off one end of the copper winding.

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What Our Customers Say?

The machine has a nice quality and is ideal for cutting car alternator stators. It is efficient and labor-saving.And I really appreciate your customer service.
If you have many scrap car alternator either, this car alternator must be the best assistant. It can highly improve the recycling efficiency.
Everything is good! This machine has saved a lot of time and energy. I am really satisfied with it. I just consider to buy a wire pulling machine later.

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