Auto Starter Motor Pulling Machine


Auto Starter Motor Pulling Machine

Advantages of  Car Starter Motor Pulling Machine

  1. Unique design, stable performance already hot sales in China market for many years.
  2. Electric motor, safe and simple operation, efficiency-pulls out copper winding in 7 seconds.
  3. Assemble 6pcs small hydraulic oil pump.

Video Description

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  • Auto starter motor pulling machine is specially designed for recycling car starter motors, high efficiency and easy to operate.


There are some customers question whether our machines can pull the copper winding from car starter, we shoot this video to show the working process of our machine. Although the car starter is difficult to process, our machine can recycle copper from it easily. Some customers have earned huge profits by using our machines, so you can trust us and expand your business.

hot sale auto starter motor pulling machine

3T is the best and most complete manufacturer and supplier for auto starter motor pulling machines, our machine recycles the entire copper windings from the car starter stator motor without any copper loss.

Machine Specifications

For pulling the car starter motor winding out, there are 3 other machines working together: the car starter cutting machine, car starter pressing machine and car starter heating machine.

How to recycle copper from car starter?

With a complex structure, the waste car starter is difficult to manually dismantle. Usually, recycling car starter requires four kinds of machines and the whole process involves 4 steps: cutting the stator, pressing the copper head, heating the starter motor and pulling out the copper wire, this machine is the last step in recycling.

The auto starter motor pulling machine is mainly used for pulling out the copper winding. Here is the working procedure: Place the heated stator on the pulling part, fix it with the claw, and then pull out the entire copper winding.

Customer feedback

Car starter recycling machine

I have been using the car starter pulling machine for half a year, and it performs super well. It has significantly improved my recycling speed and increased profits.

Car starter cutting machine

The machine is so protable and easy to operate.It is super usful for me. 

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