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With a range of discarded motors, the machine efficiently dismantles and sorts valuable components, you can see from the video its multifunction and versatility. 

Used Electric Motor Wrecker For Sale

A general motor wrecker dismantling machine is a device specially designed for recovering copper from ordinary electric motors, through the process of cutting and wire drawing, it can efficiently separate the entire copper wire windings in the scrap motors. 

Almost all motor wrecker machine provided by 3T adopts advanced technology and hydraulic structure, which is high efficiency and saves time and effort in operation. Furthermore, our design ensures convenient operation and maintenance, offering you a user-friendly recycling solution.

BSM-40 Electric Motor Wrecker

  • Stator Diameter: 50-500MM
  • Size: 1940*1430*1150MM
  • Power: 7.5KW
  • Golden partner with BSM-50.

ST-400 Motor Stator Cutting Pulling Machine

  • Stator Diameter: 90-250MM
  • Size: 1800*900*1950MM
  • Power: 5.5KW
  • Bigger diameter pending prove.

BSM-50 Electric Motor Cutting Machine

  • Pressure: 20MPa
  • Size: 750*550*2150MM
  • Power: 7.5KW
  • Golden partner with BSM-40.

BSM-20 Motor Stator Recycling Machine

  • Stator Diameter: 50-180MM
  • Size: 1220*940*920MM
  • Power: 5.5KW
  • Can add a hydraulic clamp.

BSM-10 Electric Motor Scrapping Machine

  • Stator Diameter: 50-500MM
  • Size: 2400*1100*1300MM
  • Power: 5.5KW
  • One of the right parts can work with the left part work together.

Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Pressure: 15T/40T/50T/65T
  • Size: Change With Pressure
  • Power: 3KW/5.5KW/7.5KW/11KW
  • Support customized different pressure.

BSM-60 Electric Motor Stripping Machine

  • Stator Diameter: 40-120MM
  • Size: 1370*1040*1460MM
  • Power: 4KW
  • No need to adjust the baffle.
motor copper winding puller

MR-W Motor Copper Winding Puller

  • Stator Diameter: 40-75MM
  • Size: 1060*570*890MM
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • Especially for washing machine motor.

BSM-30 Used Motor Pulling Machine

  • Stator Diameter: Under 500MM
  • Size: 2310*770*950MM
  • Power: 5.5KW
  • Gold partner with BSM-20.

The composition of Common electric motors

As an integral part of our life,  scrap motors are mainly found in various electrical appliances and machinery.

There’s many kinds of motor, now we mainly understand normal electric motors and it’s structure first.

For normal electric motor is mainly composed of:

  • Motor Casing: Aluminum or Iron
  • Motor Stator: Copper Winding or Aluminum Winding
  • Motor Rotor

In general, the motor diameters of different electrical appliances are different. For this reason, we have developed series motor wrecker recycling machine that can handle ordinary motors of different sizes.

For different-size motors, 3T provides a suitable model to process.

Raw materials for Electric motor wrecker recycling machine

3T Solutions Provider for Electric Motor Wrecker

Steps To Recycle A Scrap Motor

Generally speaking, it needs 3 steps to recycling a scrap motor.

First step is to remove the motor outer case; no matter you manual process or machine process.

Second step is to cutting copper winding wire from one end of copper winding or cutting from middle.

Third step is to pull copper winding out from silicon steel, then you can get it separated.

Above steps, 3T always have the suitable motor wrecker machine for you, check in right side!

What We Provide

3T provides solutions for All Your different kinds of scrap motor recycling to meet wide needs. 

Motor cutting machine is specially responsible for cutting motor casing or motor stator.

Motor stator pulling machine, which is specially responsible for pulling the copper winding out of the motor stator.

Multi-functional motor recovery machine, which integrates the cutting part and traction part.

Multi-functional motor recovery machine, which integrates the cutting part and traction part.

Electric Motor Wrecker Machine Structure

To discover all about your machine structure, we split the machine into different parts in order to make you clear, after you see, you will understand how your machine working and each part function, solve all your worries.
3T’s common electric motor wrecker machines can be divided into the following components based on the process flow: the cutting part and the wire drawing part. The cutting part efficiently separates the motor housing and cuts the stator, while the wire drawing part focuses on pulling out the copper windings. 
All machine use a hydraulic station as power, it’s the main part of machines provide reliable performance throughout the recycling process.

Cutting Part

The cutting part of electric motor wrecker can be divided into three types depending on the different blades used. And each is designed to cater to different types of motors.

How was each type looks like? pls check it.

How to Use Cutter Head:
Selecting the appropriate cutter bushing is crucial, or else will break blades or damage stators, thereby affecting the overall performance. Bushing selection primarily depends on the size of the stator’s inner diameter, better to choose a bushing smaller than the stator’s inner diameter but close to the inner diameter of the stator is best.

Cutter Limit Adjust Method:
Loosen the screws of the cutter and make slight adjustments until it reaches the suitable position. After that, tighten the screws.

Pulling Part

The pulling part is a crucial composition of electric motor wreckers, we provide 5 types different puller based on the variations in the gripping clamps, now we will know more below.
Eight-Claw Clamp: This clamp is used to pull out the copper windings from one end of the motor stator and is suitable for smaller motor recycling.
BSM10/20/40/60,BSC and MR-W are equipped with the eight-claw clamp.
Eight-Claw Clamp

Twelve Jaws Clamp: Similar to the eight-claw clamp, the twelve-claw clamp is another type of specialized jaw used in special motors and companies.

twelve-Claw Clamp
Sixteen-Claw Clamp: Similar to the 8jaws and 12jaws, this clamp provides a wider range of processing capabilities. 
Such as BSM-10/20/40 using the sixteen-grab clamp.
Sixteen-Claw Clamp

In this part, apart from the gripping jaws, the most important component is the stopper plate. The stopper plate is used to prevent the entry of the iron core of the stator and ensure the smooth gripping of the copper wire. An appropriate stopper plate should block the stator iron core without obstructing the copper wire.

  1. Step on the copper gripper foot switch. When the gripper retracts to the cylinder, press the emergency stop button to stop the operation.
  2. Loosen the two (or four) screws on the stopper plate.
  3. Replace the stopper plate with a suitable one.
  4. Finally, tighten the screws on the stopper plate.
6 Jaws: This kinds of JAWS is only available in ST-400 and MR-P. It working by grabbing the copper windings and pushing out the silicon steel to obtain the copper directly.
In these 2models, we always assemble 6pcs 2jaws and 6pcs 4jaws also with 3pcs 6jaws for processing different kinds of electric motors.
Hydraulic Clamp: This clamp is gripping one end of the copper wire by controlling the handle. It is suitable for the recycling of large motors. Machines like BSM-40/10/30 contain hydraulic clamps.

The single wire pulling process is achieved by utilizing three control levers to control three hydraulic cylinders respectively.

  1. One lever controls the movement of the hydraulic clamp: Lifting the lever hydraulic clamp back, while pushing it down, hydraulic clamp will move forward.
  2. Another lever controlthe lifter: Lifting the lever, lifter will move higher, while pressing it down, lifter will move lower.
  3. The third lever controls the gripping action of the hydraulic clamp: Lifting the lever allows the clamp to grip the copper wire, whereas pressing it down opens the hydraulic clamp, facilitating the removal of the pulled copper wire.
Hydraulic Clamp

Advantages of BSGH Motor Wrecker Recycling Machine

Complete Solutions

You can get solutions for any of your scrap electric motors.

Improve copper recycling efficiency and save costs

The emergence of motor recycling machine is to improve work efficiency and reduce copper loss. The motor wrecker released by 3T is multifunction and high efficiency, and only one person can operate the machine well, which can help you save costs.

No copper loss

3T Electric motor wrecking machine adopts advanced technology, which can completely disassemble the motor without destroying the copper winding. And there will be no copper loss in the whole recycling process, which will bring you more profits.

Quality assurance

More than 25 years experience makes BSGH/3T constantly improves and innovates, performance of BSGH motor recycling machines is perfect and haven't negative reviews after received. Meanwhile, due to factory directly sales, If you plan to buy a cost-effective motor recycling machine, BSGH must be your best choice.

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  • Ordinary scrap electirc motor wreckers have big development prospects in future. As a main component of electrical appliances, waste electric motors contain valuable copper resources, recycling and reusing of these copper is an inevitable trends as resource concerns grow. And with the rapid development of electrical automation, the output of waste motors continues to increase, because less people can realize recycling scrap motor profit, so motor recycling profit increases accordingly.

  • With a Full Range of Solutions:
    We provide a comprehensive selection of electric motor wrecker machine solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We have all kinds of motor recycling machines. Whether you require streamlined processes or cheap single Electric motor wrecking machine, or enhanced efficiency, our solutions are cater to your specific requirements.


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