Ultimate Guide for How to Splitting AC Compressor?

compressor splitting machine

Issues & Splitting Method Is it worth recycling compressors? Absolutely yes. Scrap compressors contain lots of copper and can be found everywhere in our lives, in numerous electronics such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and other refrigeration equipment. A typical air conditioner compressor contains about one to two kilograms of copper. The copper content in an ordinary compressor can […]

How to recycle scrap motors?

How to recycle scrap motors?

For years, people have realized the sole existence of Earth on which all creatures depend. This has led to a universal concern for resource recycling. Consequently, countless individuals have entered the recycling industry, because scrap motor recycling is less in the market, so some people see the profit prospect of scrap motor recycling, gradually motor […]

How to remove copper from electric motor?


In the context of environmental preservation and efficient resource reusing, the increasing number of discarded motors from appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and electric motors in all kinds of machinery and motors from scrap cars, etc, offers a promising opportunity for the copper recycling market. However, a significant challenge remains: how to extract copper from scrap electric motors? 3T will provide you with a comprehensive and coherent explanation in an objective way, your solve your […]


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